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Troika International is proud to introduce dChecker, a simple yet detailed software package to ensure your SEG-D data conforms to the SEG's format specifications.


dChecker allows preventative measures to ensure your SEG-D records are always validated correctly. With customizable options to display various levels of detailed technical parameters, dChecker is an optimal tool for a wide variety of users to guarantee your SEG-D data is SEG compliant.


When dealing with large SEG-D files, dChecker allows you to select specific traces in order to quickly scan for problematic issues. The software will compare fields between headers to ensure consistency within your SEG-D records, and produces technical descriptions for the user on the nature of each specific issue.


dChecker will efficiently report any field and/or data structure violations, which are easily viewed within the main dChecker window. Furthermore, any information found during the validation process can be seen in more detailed PDF reports.



Data Customers (e.g. Oil Companies or National Control Organizations)

  • Ensure that data conforms to specification


  • Ensure data and code implementation conforms to SEG-D standard

Software Developers

  • Instant checking of implementation using external SEG-D validator
  • Visualize decoded and raw format information

Data Processing

  • Locate problems in data, or data checkup before starting a job Aid in the configuration of processing scripts.