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Jill Lewis, CEO

Jill-LewisJill Lewis is a master of seismic data problems, and has invaluable expertise in the industry dealing with a variety of issues. Jill was chair of the SEG Technical Standards Committee from 1998-2002, and is known for giving excellent presentations around the globe. Her valuable input can aid in updating your seismic data to conform to new SEG data formats, providing valuable data management techniques that allows you to capitalize on your data assets, and countless other consultancy services to make your data investments as profitable as possible.

Bob Firth, Technical Director

Bob-Firth Technical director of TroikaBob Firth is a technical genius. Whether it's working directly with the SEG as a leading advocate and consultant to organized seismic data storage or solving your seismic data issues with decades of experience, he has the answers to your seismic data problems. Bob has been a key author on several SEG standards documents including SEG-Y rev 1 and SEG-D rev 2.

Keith Capelin, Managing Director / Vice President

Keith-CapelinKeith has had consistent success in the Seismic Industry for almost 40 years. Restructuring business models and company logistics, Keith has proven to be one step ahead of the market throughout his career with his extensive management knowledge.

Simon Coates, Account manager / Seismic data recovery Specialist

Simon-CoatesWith 30 years Seismic Data Management experience running computer operations, managing projects, and training staff around the globe, Simon offers the knowledge gained from decades of hands-on experience in the field.

Brian Smith, Software Development Engineer

brianBrian recently joined Troika International, and with years of experience as a senior software engineer and as a technical consultant, his broad programming skill set adds even more depth to Troika's knowledgeable personnel.

Jill Holliday, Programming Consultant

Jill-HollidayJill has broad experience with Seismic Data including programming, project managing, and training. With a BSc in Geophysics and 30 years in the industry, Jill continues to be a valued asset to Troika's expansive knowledge in dealing with exploration data. Key contributor to the SEG-Y, rev 1 standard.

Rune Hagelund, Programming Consultant

Rune-HagelundRune is currently chair of the Technical Standards Committee for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG). He recently contributed greatly to the development of Troika's newest software, namely dChecker, and has years of experience as a Senior Software Architect. Key author to the SEG-D, rev 2.1 and 3.0 standards.

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