Got seismic format problems? 

Contact Troika for diligent assistance to alleviate your concerns.

There is currently a shift in the management personnel within the seismic data industry. As one generation begins to retire, many of the new data managers taking control of valuable seismic data assets do not have the proper knowledge or history to correctly handle the data.

Troika International seeks to ease the various seismic format and tape burdens placed on new data managers by providing them with hands on expertise gained from decades of experience within the industry.

Along with our new training facility in Tunbridge Wells, we can also provide on-site services at your location to help you get the most out of our software’s capabilities. There are very unique problems that can arise depending on the seismic data being analysed and the type of tape it’s being read from, and at Troika International we have considerable experience solving these issues to avoid a time-consuming trial and error process by your staff.

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