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VeriTape-3592Troika is proud to sell VeriTape® Bar Code Readers for 3592 and LTO tapes.

Since it's introduction in 2006 the VeriTape® LTO CM reader has gained wide acceptance as the premier tool to diagnose the health of LTO cartridges. Its scoring algorithm, VeriScoreTM, has become the industry standard for calculating a single quality score from a complex set of statistical quality data.

Now this proven technology is also available for 3592 enterprise tape cartridges. The 3592 VeriTape® reads the Cartridge Memory and analyzes the statistical quality data, just like the LTO unit does. In Addition, it also reads and displays the cartridge bar code label. The bar code can be saved in the CM and retrieved from the CM in case the label is damaged.

Identify deteriorating cartridges before they fail:

Most systems identify defective cartridges after they fail. These cartridge failures can be disruptive and expensive. But with VeriTape® you can monitor any cartridge and retire aging or damaged ones before they fail, not afterwards.

Storing mission critical data:
When saving critical data to tape you must have complete confidence that your data can be recovered without problems. VeriTape® enables you to identify and eliminate any cartridge that does not meet your standards.

Download the official brochure below for more information, or please contact us for any additional questions!

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Troika International has recently released yChecker, our newest software to verify and ensure your SEGY data is up to the SEG and your own standards.

yChecker gives the capability to validate entire directories based off the Society of Exploration Geophysicists standards for SEGY rev 0 and 1. In addition, users can customize specific items within the EBCDIC headers to be validated throughout an entire SEGY project. This gives the user total confidence that a SEGY dataset is delivered at full compliance, and that all troublesome data is located early on in the ingestion process.

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Secure the contents of any Seismic tape onto disk through magneto's highly accessible interface.

Tape Transcriber

Magneto is built to cleverly and quickly transcribe SEG-Y data from tape onto disk. The software takes each individual SEG-Y file from the desired tape, and writes them separately and encapsulated in SEG-Y for further analysis.

Any seismic data other than SEG-Y is copied onto disk in an efficient RODE encapsulation package.

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Click this images above to see a more detailed view. From left to right, they are:
CDP Graph, FFID Graph, FOLD Graph, Composite Line-Tie Display, SEG-Y Trace Header Analysis, EBCDIC and Binary Header with Metadata Extraction, SEG-Y and Navigation Sketch, User Preferences

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Designed to QC and rationalize your 3D seismic data, Minima3D offers many of the same user friendly interfaces as Minima to aid in the quality control and quality analysis of your 3D seismic data.

Various report options can be easily displayed for your SEG-Y data, including the option to extract specific metadata from all your EBCDIC headers to ease time consuming and costly individual analysis.

Time Slice sketches can be created by the user with customizable options for the displays to easily reveal trace locations and their amplitude ranges. Coverage sketches can also be displayed for your SEG-Y data to visualize any live and dead trace locations.

Data Source for Samples - US Department of Energy RMOTC - Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Centre 

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SEG-Y Toolkit

The Essential Toolkit for all Your SEG-Y and Standard Navigation Formats

Especially designed to QC and rationalize 2D datasets, in the field and the office, Minima is the answer to your SEG-Y/SEG-Y Rev 1.0 data issues. Minima offers the opportunity for the repair, quality assurance/control of post-stack datasets, and the production of Workstation ready SEG-Y data.

Customize your Navigation Parameters when populating your Post-Stack data sets.

The trace headers are displayed in a spreadsheet style document with a range of tools for data quality control, scatter diagrams, and plots. Navigation data is also standardized on input to provide similar views. Anomalies in trace header columns can be easily viewed and edited with a simple right-click.

Extrapolation over lead-on and lead-off is also available so that traces can be included in any future data analysis.

Data may be displayed in a variety of methods, including scatter diagrams, stick plots, and composite line-tie displays. These displays allow users to easily analyse possible errors or incorrect data entries. The composite line-tie display is useful in analysing where one line intersects another, allowing the user to see if there’s a successful population of positioning information. 

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Magma troika seismic software

A Toolbox For Your Data Input, Ouput, Reformat and QC Requirements

Magma has been developed to provide a highly efficient range of data manipulation modules, flexible enough to handle all types of exploration data as well as transcribing, reformatting, and copying seismic data. With the ability to handle data recorded on historic 21 and 9 track drives, the system provides a conduit for the fast transfer of information to and from High Capacity Media, hard disk, and across networks. Magma has been thoroughly tested to be able to work at the near theoretical maximum of the very latest tape cartridge and disk technologies.


Magma runs on commodity PC hardware running Windows or Linux. Because Magma is portable, it can be ported to other platforms if required. Magma can access standard SCSI tape devices, and Troika provides solutions to connect legacy devices such as 9 and 21 Track.

Magma - A Brief Overview

Magma is Troika International's most widely used software, and has continued to mature and develop for over 15 years. Magma is a complete seismic data manipulation package; it is capable of handling virtually all tape & disk input/output requirements. Automatic seismic format analysers are bult into Magma to handle any need to easily transcribe and copy data from one seismic format to another.

Magma has two distinctive parts, the Utility Log and Job Editor, which use GUIs to operate commands the option to control by a text interface or through building scripts is also allowed

Magma can be a vital tool in organizing, re-encapsulating, repairing, and analysing your valuable data assets. Copying data from tape to disk, tape to tape, disk to tape, or disk to disk provides the user with a huge variety of options to restructure a data library. An easy copy process lists valuable information contained within the bytes of your seismic data, and assures you of your data's validity. 

Wide Selection of Job Options to Run

Written in the highly efficient portable C++, Magma is capable of running on multiple platforms with ease, providing simple methods to separate the functionalities within the modules as required. This may often include the addition of specific company defined formats, connection to clients’ systems, transfer of data via network to clients’ existing hardware, and large robotic or centralised data management centres. The modular structure supports proprietary formats to be added easily as front-end or back-end solutions, and support can be assured through quick solutions supplied from Troika’s comprehensive format library.

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