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Troika international your truly independent advisor.

Troika international’s software provides a range of extremely efficient tools to ensure your seismic data is contract compliant and adheres to the guidelines set by the SEG Technical Standards Committee. 

Although we're quite confident in our software's ability to manage your seismic data, when you purchase one of our software packages, you also receive the substantial support of the seismic experts employed by Troika. Our staff is committed to troubleshooting any problems that might arise, and while our services are expanding, Troika still offers the quick, efficient, and personal support that you would expect from a smaller company.

Troika offers the knowledge gained from a vast history with with up-stream seismic data, which can help in adapting your current workflows to provide your clients with more fully and accurately populated data sets.

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 is a Global Seismic Software Company that deals with all varieties of seismic data formats. With accomplished personnel who have persevered in the industry for years, Troika provides comprehensive consultancy and detailed analysis to satisfy costly and time consuming data management issues.

Troika is completely invested in the integrity of your data. We offer a holistic approach to data management, ensuring you that your whole data system is operating at full functionality. The people managing your seismic data could be doing a good job, but is it the right job?

New software developments, including substantially updated packages and easier licensing capabilities, allow Troika to alleviate concerns with problematic data. With offices in England, Scotland, and the United States, Troika delivers vital assistance that allows you to capitalize on your irreplaceable data assets, now and in the future. 

Control and Maintain the Integrity of Your Data

The value in your seismic data is ageless under the right management. Our extensive knowledge feeds into our expansive Software Toolboxes, and provides you with the necessary tools to ensure the quality and integrity of your data is up to standards.

As an independent company with many years of experience in exploration and production data, Troika can assist in the identification of potential problems areas within data capture, archive, use, and retrieval. Our proactive data management techniques are unparalleled in the seismic industry, and maximize the value of your hydrocarbon recovery ventures.

Our independent services allow us to advise you on the different types of archive media formats and manufacturers to best benefit your company's ideal future. Since Troika was established, we have performed a large number of consultancy studies for major oil exploration and production companies all around the world, covering broad areas of data management. 

Our unique positioning within the seismic industry allows for modification of departmental communications to increase the future expansion of services, and improves the overall quality of data in your library. 
Revolutionize and enhance the quality of your data with Troika’s Seismic Specialists.

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World leaders in seismic data software and transcription support.