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Headers, Displays, & Settings (5 - 8)

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1. CDP Graph | 2. FFID Graph | 3. FOLD Graph | 4. SEG-Y and Navigation Sketch | 5. Composite Line-Tie Display 6. EBCDIC, Binary, and Trace Headers & Trace of Data | 7. SEG-Y Trace Header Analysis | 8. Custom User Settings

SEG-Y Toolkit

The Essential Toolkit for all Your SEG-Y and Standard Navigation Formats

Especially designed to QC and rationalize 2D datasets, in the field and the office, Minima is the answer to your SEG-Y/SEG-Y Rev 1.0 data issues. Minima offers the opportunity for the repair, quality assurance/control of post-stack datasets, and the production of Workstation ready SEG-Y data.

Customize your Navigation Parameters when populating your Post-Stack data sets.

The trace headers are displayed in a spreadsheet style document with a range of tools for data quality control, scatter diagrams, and plots. Navigation data is also standardized on input to provide similar views. Anomalies in trace header columns can be easily viewed and edited with a simple right-click.

Extrapolation over lead-on and lead-off is also available so that traces can be included in any future data analysis.

Data may be displayed in a variety of methods, including scatter diagrams, stick plots, and composite line-tie displays. These displays allow users to easily analyse possible errors or incorrect data entries. The composite line-tie display is useful in analysing where one line intersects another, allowing the user to see if there’s a successful population of positioning information. 

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