Digital media remediation, recovery, and re-mastering.

The chosen plug-in to SeisSpace® ProMax® for foreign tape input


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Magma is Troika International's most widely used software, and has continued to mature and develop for over 15 years. Magma is a complete seismic data manipulation package; it is capable of handling virtually all tape & disk input/output requirements. Automatic seismic format analysers are built into Magma to handle any need to easily transcribe and copy data from one seismic format to another.


Magma can be a vital tool in organizing, re-encapsulating, repairing, and analysing your valuable data assets. Copying data to/from tape, disk, & FTP provides the user with a huge variety of options to restructure a data library. An easy copy process lists valuable information contained within the bytes of your seismic data, and assures you of your data's validity.


Magma has been developed to provide a highly efficient range of data manipulation modules, flexible enough to handle all types of exploration data as well as transcribing, reformatting, and copying seismic data. With the ability to handle data recorded on historic 21 and 9 track drives, Magma facilitates the fast transfer of information to and from High Capacity Media, hard disk, and across networks via FTP. Magma has been thoroughly tested to be able to work at the near theoretical maximum of the very latest tape cartridge and disk technologies.



Magma runs on PC hardware running Windows or Linux. Magma can access standard SCSI tape devices with ease across networks, and Troika provides solutions to connect legacy devices such as 9 and 21 Track.



Written in the highly efficient portable C++, Magma is capable of running on multiple platforms with ease, providing simple methods to separate the functionalities within the modules as required. This may often include the addition of specific company defined formats, connection to clients' systems, transfer of data via network to clients' existing hardware, and large robotic or centralised data management centres. The modular structure supports proprietary formats to be added easily as front-end or back-end solutions, and support can be assured through quick solutions supplied from Troika's comprehensive format library.



  • Multiple Platforms Supported:
    • Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 & Linux
    • Standard SCSI tape devices
  • Connectivity for legacy 9 & 21 Track
  • FTP access to read/write
  • Long Record Support
  • High Capacity Drive Connection
  • Transfer at Near Theoretical Maximum Speed
  • Portable C++ object oriented code
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Proprietary formats added as required
  • Digital capture of data indexes
  • Seismic data transcription module
  • Auto-analyse functions formats
  • Format neutral module using embedded TCL interpreter
  • QA/QC plotting to screen and/or file
  • Variety of Rode creation & manipulation tools
  • Upload to 3rd party systems & databases