Minima3D Header Options (1 - 4)

Minima3D Sketches (5 - 7)

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1. Assign Trace Header Entries| 2. EBCDIC, Binary, and Trace Headers | 3. Edit Trace Header Layout | 4. Test New Trace Header Entries | 5. Coverage Sketch | 6. Custom Time Slice 1 | 7. Custom Time Slice 2


Designed to QC and rationalize your 3D seismic data, Minima3D offers many of the same user friendly interfaces as Minima to aid in the quality control and quality analysis of your 3D seismic data.

Various report options can be easily displayed for your SEG-Y data, including the option to extract specific metadata from all your EBCDIC headers to ease time consuming and costly individual analysis.

Time Slice sketches can be created by the user with customizable options for the displays to easily reveal trace locations and their amplitude ranges. Coverage sketches can also be displayed for your SEG-Y data to visualize any live and dead trace locations.

Data Source for Samples - US Department of Energy RMOTC - Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Centre 

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