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Marlin is engineered to trawl through disk and/or tape seismic library systems and their related folder trees to identify types of seismic data and extract essential metadata. It is typically used to validate, and where necessary, correct the contents of seismic data library catalogues and databases.


Running in both Windows and Linux environments, the software provides the ability to efficiently organise, classify and validate big volumes of data, including encapsulation and re-encapsulation as required. Customised workflows can be provided to automatically launch other Troika products such as Midi and Minima when particular formats are encountered in order to perform appropriate data transcription and quality control (QC) processes. QC products typically include trace displays, amplitude and frequency analyses on paper or screen. Outputs after reformatting can include SEG-Y format GIS-ready shape files for workstation use. Workflows can also be provided to ensure compliance of datasets to the contractual requirements of interested companies and/or government authorities.


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