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Midi is used to copy, manipulate, QC and index SEG-D and SEG-Y tape media, disk files and ftp accessible data. Running in Windows™ and Linux™ environments it can interface with any standard SCSI devices using IBM®/Windows drivers and includes support for robotic devices including IBM3494, STK9710 and Standard SCSI tape libraries. Midi can be easily incorporated into workflow scripts and batch files and commands may be used to specify default options for the setup of complex jobs. It extracts essential information from the seismic data headers such as field file IDs, CDP numbers, 3D inline and crossline ranges enabling verification of the contents of detached tape indexes in databases or spreadsheets. Customized table of contents (TOC) can be produced to confirm that data complies to Company or other defined standards and identify any deficiencies.


Midi users use TOC files for purposes including:

  • Checking and correcting tape content metadata in a corporate/master data store
  • Quality control procedures
  • Extracting survey/dataset geometries
  • Data sequencing
  • Creation of new detailed and accurate tape labels
  • Compliance with company and/or other regulatory business rules.


Midi is fully compatible with the latest SEG-D rev. 3 updates from the SEG Technical Standards Committee and can verify or update historic tape libraries to conform to these standards.


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