Troika Data Team

Troika began as a software house specializing in seismic data formats, tapes, and disks. With on-going cooperating and involvement with the SEG Technical Standards Committee, we have consistently strived to find the simplest way to manage your seismic data into contract compliance. 

As a result, the Software Toolboxes developed by Troika provide flexi
ble manipulation of your entire seismic data library, and consolidates it into a secure long-term investment. 

Although we’re a relatively small company, when you do business with Troika international, you are receiving decades upon decades of experience with Seismic Data. Jill Lewis, Troika’s C.E.O., was chair of the Technical Standards Committee from 1998 – 2002, and continues to use her vast seismic data experience to benefit the industry by giving numerous presentations, including  at the 2011 SEG conference and at the 2010 GAC convention in San Antonio where she received an award. 

Bob Firth, Troika’s Technical Director, is a key author on the SEG Rev 2.1 and RODE standards, a well-known expert of seismic data formats across the industry, and our own personal "Einstein". He doesn't like to brag, but there aren't too many problems he can't fix.

We Care About Formats

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring the entire contents of your data is formatted and managed into standard compliance. There's a bad history within the industry of headers being mismanaged during field recording, and while we work tirelessly with organisations around the world for solutions to rectify these problems from the source, we've become adept at finding solutions to correct even the most poorly recorded and handled data.

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