Marlin Trawl Process (1 - 4)

Marlin Transcription Rules (5 - 10)

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1. Marlin Transcription Rules | 2. Process Seismic Data | 3. Generate & Export CSV Reports | 4. View Metadata Information Before Processing | 5. RODE Encapsulated SEGDDMX| 6. RODE Encapsulated SEGY | 7. RODE Encapsulated Text | 8. SEGY Rules | 9. TIF Encapsulated SEGDDMX | 10TIF Encapsulated SEGY

Marlin Logo

Quite simply, Marlin is the best solution for finding and organizing vast amounts of seismic data on your system.

Marlin is a highly efficient disk trawling package, capable of quickly and easily scanning seismic data.

Marlin also has the capabilities of changing the encapsulation of specific seismic files and producing metadata reports in a variety of options. Marlin allows the user to define definitive rules

Therefore, Marlin gives the enhanced capabilities of scanning your entire seismic data library, altering the encapsulation of any files desired, and producing a variety of metadata report options.

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