Find Your Seismic Data!

System Wide Discovery & Reporting For SEG Format Files

Marlin is the best solution for finding and organizing vast amounts of seismic data on your system. Don't waste your time opening countless directories looking for specific data, with Marlin you can filter search options by Line IDs, Encapsulations, Formats, or Data Types (Post-stack, pre-stack, or field). Export all search results to a CSV file, and immediately ascertain what and where your seismic data assets are.


Marlin searches beyond the simple file suffix of the data, and instead intelligently & quickly searches across disk for seismic data. Marlin provides options to launch other Troika International software to further analyze SEG-Y data (using Minima), and also provides a complete GUI to use our industrial Midi software (SEG-Y and SEG-D data manipulation).



  • Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Linux Supported
  • Eliminate time consuming scans by personnel for specific data
  • Generate CSV reports of any trawl for further analysis
  • Receive full confidence to the content of your entire seismic data library
  • Output a variety of Metadata report options.
  • Launch any SEGY data into Minima & Minima3D for further analysis.
  • Full operational GUI for Midi available
  • Filter search results